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Bhimavaram to Eluru Bus Timings

Bhimavaram and Eluru are two important cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. They are connected by a well-maintained road network that allows easy and comfortable travel by bus. Many passengers prefer to take a bus from Bhimavaram to Eluru for various reasons, such as affordability, convenience, and safety. In this article, we will provide you with some useful information about the bus timings, distance, via routes, and operators for the Bhimavaram to Eluru bus service.

The distance between Bhimavaram and Eluru is about 65 km and it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to cover this distance by bus. The bus route passes through several towns and villages, such as Palakollu, Narsapur, Akividu, Kaikaluru, and Gudivada. There are different types of buses available for this route, such as ordinary, express, deluxe, super luxury, and ultra deluxe. The bus fare varies depending on the type of bus and the operator.

Bhimavaram to Eluru Bus Timings

Early Morning Bus Timings

In the early morning hours, commuters from Bhimavaram to Eluru can benefit from several bus options, allowing them to embark on their journeys before the hustle and bustle of peak hour traffic sets in. Departing as early as 1:45 AM, these buses provide a convenient and time-saving mode of transportation for those needing to reach Eluru at the crack of dawn.

Departure TimeRouteBus Service NoBus
1:45 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9011/4Pallevelugu
1:45 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9201/4Pallevelugu
1:45 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9200/4Pallevelugu
5:00 AMBhimavaram to EluruE023/1Pallevelugu
5:30 AMBhimavaram to EluruE003/1Ultra Pallevelugu
5:45 AMBhimavaram to EluruNS07/4Express
5:45 AMBhimavaram to EluruE016/1Express
6:00 AMBhimavaram to EluruT011/1Pallevelugu
6:15 AMBhimavaram to EluruE041/1Pallevelugu
6:30 AMBhimavaram to EluruE019/1Express
6:45 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9011/6Pallevelugu
6:45 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9200/6Pallevelugu
6:45 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9201/6Pallevelugu
7:00 AMBhimavaram to EluruE004/1Pallevelugu
7:00 AMBhimavaram to EluruE007/1Express
7:00 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9121/4Pallevelugu

Morning Bus Timings

For individuals needing to commute between Bhimavaram and Eluru during the morning hours, a plethora of bus timings offer flexibility and convenience. Whether it’s for work, school, or other commitments, buses departing as early as 7:30 AM ensure passengers arrive at their destinations promptly, ready to tackle the day ahead.

Departure TimeRouteBus Service NoBus
7:30 AMBhimavaram to EluruE011/1Express
7:30 AMBhimavaram to EluruE007/1Pallevelugu
7:40 AMBhimavaram to EluruB030/2Pallevelugu
8:00 AMBhimavaram to EluruE022/1Express
8:10 AMBhimavaram to EluruB040/2Pallevelugu
8:30 AMBhimavaram to EluruE023/1Express
8:40 AMBhimavaram to EluruB055/2Pallevelugu
9:00 AMBhimavaram to EluruE014/1Express
9:10 AMBhimavaram to EluruB050/2Pallevelugu
9:15 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9120/2Express
9:30 AMBhimavaram to EluruE006/1Express
9:40 AMBhimavaram to EluruE051/1Ultra Pallevelugu
9:40 AMBhimavaram to EluruE010/3Ultra Pallevelugu
10:00 AMBhimavaram to EluruE026/1Express
10:20 AMBhimavaram to EluruE023/3Pallevelugu
10:30 AMBhimavaram to EluruE005/1Express
10:55 AMBhimavaram to EluruE003/3Ultra Pallevelugu
11:20 AMBhimavaram to EluruT011/3Pallevelugu
11:25 AMBhimavaram to EluruNS01/2Express
11:30 AMBhimavaram to Eluru9121/6Pallevelugu
11:45 AMBhimavaram to EluruE041/3Pallevelugu

Afternoon Bus Timings

The afternoon bus timings cater to a diverse range of passengers, including students, half-day office workers, and business travelers. With departures starting from 12:30 PM onwards, these buses provide a crucial transportation option for those needing to travel between Bhimavaram and Eluru during the midday hours.

Departure TimeRouteBus Service NoBus
12:30 PMBhimavaram to EluruE004/3Pallevelugu
1:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruB030/4Pallevelugu
1:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruNS07/2Express
1:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruE007/3Pallevelugu
1:30 PMBhimavaram to EluruB040/4Pallevelugu
1:30 PMBhimavaram to EluruE032/1Express
2:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruB055/4Pallevelugu
2:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruE019/3Express
2:30 PMBhimavaram to EluruB050/4Pallevelugu
3:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruE011/3Express
3:05 PMBhimavaram to EluruE007/3Express
3:30 PMBhimavaram to EluruE022/3Express
3:50 PMBhimavaram to EluruE023/5Pallevelugu

Evening Bus Timings

As the day winds down, the evening bus timings become essential for commuters returning home from work, school, or business in Eluru. With departures extending until 8:30 PM, these buses accommodate the needs of daily commuters, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey back to Bhimavaram.

Departure TimeRouteBus Service NoBus
4:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruE023/3Express
4:25 PMBhimavaram to EluruE003/5Ultra Pallevelugu
4:30 PMBhimavaram to EluruE015/1Express
4:50 PMBhimavaram to EluruT011/5Pallevelugu
5:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruE013/1Express
5:10 PMBhimavaram to EluruE051/3Ultra Pallevelugu
5:10 PMBhimavaram to EluruE010/1Ultra Pallevelugu
5:15 PMBhimavaram to Eluru9120/4Express
5:15 PMBhimavaram to EluruE041/5Pallevelugu
5:45 PMBhimavaram to EluruE026/3Express
5:50 PMBhimavaram to EluruE004/5Pallevelugu
6:15 PMBhimavaram to EluruE005/3Express
6:20 PMBhimavaram to EluruB030/6Pallevelugu
6:20 PMBhimavaram to EluruE007/5Pallevelugu
6:50 PMBhimavaram to EluruB040/6Pallevelugu
7:00 PMBhimavaram to EluruNS01/4Express
7:20 PMBhimavaram to EluruB055/6Pallevelugu
7:50 PMBhimavaram to EluruB050/6Pallevelugu
8:30 PMBhimavaram to Eluru9200/2Pallevelugu
8:30 PMBhimavaram to Eluru9011/2Pallevelugu

Traveling Facts

Understanding key traveling facts is essential for planning a seamless journey from Bhimavaram to Eluru. The distance between these two cities is approximately 65 km via NH165 Highway, with an average travel time of 1.5 hours. The bus ticket cost ranges from RS 120 to 140, making it an affordable option for many travelers. The first bus departs at 01:45 AM, while the last bus leaves at 08:30 PM, providing ample choices for commuters throughout the day.


  1. What are the bus timings from Bhimavaram to Eluru?
    • Bus timings vary throughout the day, with frequent departures to accommodate diverse schedules. It’s advisable to check with the respective bus operators or online booking platforms for specific timings.
  2. How long does the bus journey take?
    • On average, the bus journey from Bhimavaram to Eluru takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on factors such as traffic conditions and the type of bus.
  3. Are there any overnight buses available?
    • Yes, some bus operators offer overnight services for travelers preferring nighttime commutes between Bhimavaram and Eluru, providing added convenience and flexibility.
  4. Can I book bus tickets online?
    • Yes, many bus operators offer online booking facilities, allowing passengers to conveniently book their tickets in advance through official websites or third-party platforms.

Best Places to visit in Bhimavaram

Some of the popular places to visit in Bhimavaram are:

Sri Someswara Janardana Swamy Temple:

This is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, attracting devotees and tourists alike. The temple is one of the five Pancharama Kshetras, where Lord Shiva is worshipped as a crystal lingam.

Mavullamma Ammavari Temple:

This is a popular spiritual destination, dedicated to Goddess Mavullamma, who is believed to be the protector of the town. The temple is famous for its annual festival, where the goddess is decorated with a gold saree.

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary:

This is a haven for bird enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of migratory and resident bird species. The sanctuary is located near the Kolleru Lake, which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India.

Perupalem Beach:

This is a tranquil seaside destination, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. The beach is located near the Godavari River, offering scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

Abhilasha Pride:

This is a contemporary shopping mall, offering a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The mall has a multiplex, a food court, a fish spa, and several branded outlets.


In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of Bhimavaram to Eluru bus timings is paramount for a smooth and efficient journey. Whether it’s an early morning commute, midday travel, or an evening return trip, the comprehensive range of bus timings caters to the diverse needs of passengers. By considering factors such as peak hours, ticket prices, and online booking options, travelers can plan their journeys effectively and enjoy a comfortable ride between these two vibrant cities.

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